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Level 30 sneaker is being sold for 15.000 VIM on the market. 90% average tax in recent days is about 72.000 VIM which are divided for 130 level 30 sneakers. Then with each pair of NFT sneakers you will earn 12.900 VIM in a month. At the same time, you will earn 288 more sneaker pieces. Every 360 pieces can be made into one complete pair of NFT sneakers.
With each pair of sneakers you will earn 9,6 pieces every day. There are 167 pairs which are multiplied by 9,6. This means that 1.603,2 pieces can be earned in 1 day.
Dividing by piece ratio as follows: 72.000/1.603,2 = 44,9. So, with each sneaker you will earn 44,9x9,6 pieces a day and 44,9x9,6x30 a month.
If you keep your sneakers in the wallet to increase the energy, you will also earn more pieces and the reward rate will increase, too.
1 day earn
30-day earn
With one pair of level 30 sneakers
15.000 VIM
431,04 VIM + 9,6 sneaker pieces
12.931,2 VIM + 288 sneaker pieces
With one pair of level 30 sneakers and two extra sneakers to increase the energy
32.268 VIM
969,84 VIM + 21,6 sneaker pieces
29.095,2 VIM + 648 sneaker pieces
If the number of level 30 sneakers increases, the rewards will be more divided. However, remember that the more users there are, the more taxes to share. Case study: estimated whip table (calculated based on onchain data from 9 to 15 June)
Last modified 1yr ago