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To better understand the ROI. mechanism
-Q: Will this large amount of rewards cause inflation? A: Definitely no! Because if there are many taxes for the bonus fund, it proves that the transaction volume is very large and the tax only accounts for 3% of it.
-Q: Can runners only earn either VIM or sneaker’s pieces or both of them? A: We have listened to the community’s opinions and allowed runners to do both.
-Q: What if the tax is so small that the division is not worth much? A: The division will always follow the tax to ensure the inflation will not happen. Imagine the days when the tax is multiplied by three or five times, you will earn more as well as the VIM price and the volume increase. Then you will get the compound profit.
-Q: How will ROI be calculated? A: Level 30 sneaker is being sold for 15.000 VIMs on the market. 90% of the average tax in recent days is about 72.000 VIMs, divided by 130 level 30 sneakers, each sneaker will earn 16.000 VIMs in 1 month and at the same time you will earn 1 more sneaker.
-Q: If I use more sneakers to buff the energy of level 30 sneakers, will I earn more VIMs? A: Absolutely yes! The more sneakers’ pieces are, the more shares you will get.
-Q: If I buy more power to run, will I earn more VIMs? A: Definitely yes! You can do it!
-Q: Is the lock and stake mechanism still implemented? I hold 1% of the total supply so I am very interested in that? A: As the lock and stake mechanisms facilitate true investors of the project, they will surely be implemented and the distribution sources can come from other funds such as team fund or community fund.