Market Place

The Marketplace is where users can rent/lease or sell/buy their NFT Sneakers. A simple filter and sort function is available in the Marketplace for easy navigation.
From the date the Marketplace commences operating, all transactions of NFT sneakers must take place on Marketplace. If sneakers are not purchased on VICMOVE marketplace, its level will be reset and will be locked for 30 days. No matter how much level players are reaching, it will be reset back to level 1 and all quantities will be back to the original.

Trading System

Users can buy and sell NFT Sneakers, VIM box on the in-app Marketplace.
Trading on the market will have a minimum price that you need to set. Besides, a certain percentage will be put into the Community Treasury fund.
About the setting sell orders part, the first step is that you need to approve in order to allow Marketplace to use your NFT. Then, you can create sell orders including VIM price. Sneakers sold on the marketplace will have no more minimum price.
Next is about setting buy orders. Like sell orders, when setting a buy order, you need to approve VIM in order for Marketplace to get the access. Hence, when you confirm your purchase, NFT will be transferred to your wallet. At the same time, the number of VIM equivalent to your purchased sneakers will be deducted.
Last but not least is about exchanging sneakers. After approving Marketplace to use NFT, you can exchange your sneakers with others and remember that only when exchanging sneakers on the Marketplace do all the indicators and levels remain the same. If the exchange does not take place on the Marketplace, your NFT sneakers will be reset.